Nanoscale Quantum Sensing

Our Group

Our research group focuses on developing quantum sensing and imaging technique to study various properties (spin, charge, and heat, etc) of quantum materials in the nanometer scale. In addition, we design and engineer hybrid quantum devices to achieve efficient qubit control for quantum information applications. Our research tools are versatile, including optical measurement based on nitrogen vacancy center in diamond, transport and microwave spectroscopy as well as scanning probe magnetometry. Here is a viedo on our lab.


We are recruiting at all levels. We are looking for motivated postdocs with experience on 2D devices and/or scanning probe microscopy. If you are interested, please email (c1du[at] to discuss research opportunities.

Latest News

Our paper on noninvasive measurements of spin transport properties of an antiferromagnet is published in Science Advances.

Gerald, Senlei, Hanyi, Mengqi's paper on quantum imaging of nonā€collinear topological antiferromagnet is published in Advanced Materials.

Our paper on spin pumping of an easy-plane antiferromagnetic is published in Physical Review Letters.

Nathan, Mengqi, Hanyi and Gerald's paper on quantum imaging of a layered topological superconductor is published in Nano Letters.

Nathan, Mengqi, Hanyi and Gerald's paper on quantum imaging of phase transitions and spin fluctuations in magnetic topological MnBiTe nanoflakes is published in Nano Letters.

New paper on quantum imaging using novel color centers in two-dimensional material hBN arXiv:2112.13570.

Paper on electrical control of single NV spin as a qubit is published in npj Quantum Information.

The first paper from our group on nanoscale quantum sensing of magnon excitations is published in Nano Letters.